Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Emergency Towing on I-78

I-78 is one of the more traveled interstate highways in the tri-state area. Since it directly connects Lebanon County, Pennsylvania to Interstate 95 at the Throgs Neck Bridge. Breaking down on I-78 is something that everyone traveling the route dreads. Emergency towing on I-78 is easier with Mesler's Service Station.
We treat your vehicle as we treat our own, this means preventing any further damage. Our emergency towing on I-78 is a 24 hour emergency service. No matter what time of day or night, we do not want you to be stranded outside.
Because breakdowns aren't like most mechanical problems where you can drop your car off at the mechanic's shop, there are very few options. If you find yourself in this sort of situation you can rely on Mesler's emergency towing on I-78.

Since 1960, Mesler's Service Station has been a family owned and operated company. Mr. Mesler first started towing cars when I-287 was being built. Since then the company has grown to incorporate auto body, heavy duty towing, and truck repair services. His sons, Fred and Harold, are each managing parts of the company. If you're in need of emergency towing on I-78 don't hesitate to call the towing professionals at Mesler's ServiceStation at 973-267-4515.


  1. Getting stuck because of car troubles can be extremely inconvenient. My friend had bad car problems with his new car the other day. It messed up his whole day because he wasn't able to get anywhere. He didn't contact any emergency towing company because at the time he didn't know one. If he knew a towing company, he would have been able to at least get some tasks done instead of waiting for someone to get him.

    Zach Thalman |

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